Rugby = Pain and Madness

Brian and I went to watch his brother's last rugby game. He's a senior at Bethel and has done a great job on the team the last few years. But wow, what a rough sport! Here are just a couple shots from today's cold and rainy game against St. Olaf (which ended in a tie).

This guy running got totally destroyed by the Bethel guys. They were running right at us!

And Brian... he held all my crap :)


Anonymous said...

Hello! Beth showed me your blog and I love the pics you took of them. I'm looking into getting a different digital camera and I love the way yours takes pics. Can you email me at tkholgrimson@hotmail.com and let me know what kind of camera you have. Thanks! I hope you are doing well!

Lanzens Life said...

Nice pictures! I love the black and white one. Looks like fun! I've never seen a rugby game.

Kat said...

Hey Bri!
I went to your old site to see what you are up to ... and found this! Congrats so far on all the great pics :) email or call soon!
Luv, Kathy