Flying as high as the sky

My friend and co-worker, Erin, asked me to come take some shots at her track meet. She is the pole vaulting coach at Concordia Academy. I was really nervous about going to the meet because I had no idea what to expect! I arrived a bit late and missed her only girl vaulter, but I did get to see 3 of the guys. Wow, they were good! I'm not so sure how the pics turned out, but I had fun and it was a gorgeous afternoon to be outside (yes, I did have on 30 spf).

This little girl was so funny! She showed up behind the fence (as in... in the neighborhood, not on the school grounds) with her dad. She took his camera (with a bigger lens than I had) and starting taking pictures beside me of the vaulters through the fence. It was too precious not to capture. I asked her if she got the shot and she replied "Yes!" with a big smile.


Alison Lea Photography said...

OOOOH! i love that last one!
nice job!

happylexi said...

I especially like the second and last ones. It's so cool how you captured the motion with such a clear image--do DSLR's just have a super fast shutter speed?

~Kristi P.