Lake Minnetonka Half-Marathon

No, it was not me who ran the half-marathon... let's be real! It was my sister, Lauren, and two of her friends. I tagged along with my parents and snapped some pics as they blew past us! They did a great job... started and finished together!

Kara, Lauren, Kelsey

They are just a few feet from the finish line in this picture and I think they are just a bit excited... can you tell? :)


Lanzens Life said...

Nice pics! Thanks for sharing!

shanda said...

Have you checked out www.jennifermckinneyphotography.com? I have been following her work for a while and she's amazing...also really willing to help out a budding photographer with tips, questions, etc! I sort of knew her in college and have found her blogs almost a year ago. Enjoy!