I've Been Tagged!!

My friend, Amanda, has the most adorable blog (http://nowiknowmyebcs.blogspot.com/) and she tagged me to answer these questions! FUN!! Here it goes...

I am….....a wife, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, listener, whiner, crier, wannabe marathoner, wannabe cycler, soccer player, wannabe professional photographer, the list goes on...

I want..... everyday to be sunny and 75 for the rest of my life.

I wish..... I could turn my hobbies into my career and get rid of my day job.

I hate...... when the shower curtain touches my leg. I have to rinse my leg off with water every time it happens. Okay, so it can happen with my arms, hands, any body part. I hate the shower curtain and we have to have TWO since there is a window in our shower. Its a rough life.

I miss..... my sister living in Seattle and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law living in Phoenix. Family should always stay near each other!

I fear......being kidnapped or abandoned.

I feel........ really tired, but happy since my husband and I cleaned our apartment tonight.

I hear......... Brian relaxing after our cleaning extravaganza by playing video games and the airplanes outside.

I smell....... nothing really. Maybe just the smell of spring since we finally have the windows open.

I crave........ dinner. Yes, its almost 9 pm. Same thing happened last night.

I search......for jobs... a lot (not always for me...).

I wonder..... what my life will be like in a year. Will I still live in this apartment? Will we own a house? Will my hair be short or long? Will I still have this job?

I regret....... getting the college degree that I never wanted in the first place.

I love........... my husband, dinners at my parents' house in the porch or on the deck, McDonald's vanilla iced coffee, playing tennis on HOT summer days, pushing girls around on the soccer field (and not getting penalized) and comments on my blog!! ha ha.

I ache......... in my jaw most days. I have to constantly think to myself, "Relax.... relax.... relax..." or else just suck it up and take tons of Ibuprofen.

I care........ about doing something purposeful with my life.

I always...... look for an excuse not to clean or cook dinner (even though I love cooking! weird).

I am not….. confrontational.

I believe......... I am loved.

I dance......... never! I am so bad at dancing and I really don't like it that much. I slow dance, but that about does it for me. I've never been able to "move" and have done quite well resisting the pressure from my work girls to try out the hip-hop class at Lifetime. Uh... you don't want to see this doing hip-hop... trust me!

I sing............ in the car and secretly have always wanted to be a rock star. I wish I could play guitar and sing at the same time, but I'd have to learn how to do both well first! I'd love to write songs and record (thanks to dad's impression, probably), but I don't see that happening.

I cry........... fairly often, but mostly when I'm stressed or feeling like I'm failing.

I don’t always........ floss, take my vitamins, calcium, or fish oil pills, change my oil when its time, or put my clothes away (but that would be an "I never...").

I fight........ less with my husband than I used to. I think we understand each other more and more and we discuss more than fight. We were never big fighters before, but we both believe its healthy to disagree/argue/etc. We just are better at picking battles and fighting fairly now. Its good.

I write....... a lot of emails at work. Is that bad? I used to write in a journal throughout high school and college. I stopped when I got married. In fact, the last journal entry I ever did was about 4 days before my wedding. I practiced signing what my name would become after it was official! Ha...

I never....... thought I'd own a DSLR, understand how to use it and go on a photo shoot with one of my favorites!

I listen......... to co-workers' conversations sometimes. You really can't help it when you work in a cube farm! Sometimes I laugh to myself or email my cube neighbor/work buddy to see if she heard the same thing. She always does and we have a good laugh over email or IM.

I need.......... stability and great friends. I have both and I'm so happy.

I am happy...... that I snuggled up and took a short nap with my husband after work. Cozy.

Wow, that was fun! Took a while, but it was fun... nice way to relax after cleaning and putting away my entire wardrobe... not lying! I don't think many people read my blog, so I'm going to tag Nealy since I just checked hers and she hasn't answered the questions yet! ;)



Amanda said...

I read your blog! I do, I do!!! :) I just don't always comment. I don't much time for commenting, unless I do it at night, and then I'm usually too tired. :) Sorry. But I noticed you LOVE getting comments, so I'll try harder. :)

Thanks for playing "tag" with me. That was SO fun to read. It made me laugh a lot.

Oh, and thanks for calling my blog adorable. That's so sweet of you! :)

BTW, I'll ask Andy about where he's printing our pictures. It's a "professional" printer in Eagan that requires you to have an account with them, but apparently they're really cheap and GREAT quality. I'll get you the info!

Amanda said...

PS. Funny that you tagged Nealy again. She better play with us!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog, and if you still want to practice photography on Micah, we are available. Now that it is getting nice (finally!) maybe we can do it outside somewhere. Actually we can do it however, and whenever you want.

Josh said...

I read your blog Bri!!! Good stuff.