it is a BIG weekend

Well, here we are at 19 weeks already. The time is going so so so fast. I'm feeling BIG! A lot has changed since the last picture I posted of my growing belly. I sort of actually look pregnant now instead of chubby. I've also felt the baby move and wiggle around!! I'm still feeling great, but have to remind myself every now and then that my body is working hard... I need to slow down! Here is my 19 week photo taken yesterday. Please excuse the gross-ness, but it was in the 90s and we don't have our a/c installed yet. I was hot. I found a great and comfy (most importantly) pair of shorts at Target that I think I'll be living in this summer. OH, and tomorrow is our ultrasound!! We are totally finding out the gender of this kid... as long as he or she allows us a good view! I'll be posting the good news!

Another reason this weekend is so BIG, my brother-in-law and his fiance are tying the knot on Saturday! Do you remember these guys? We are so excited to be part of this special day. Both my husband and I are in the wedding (yes, the dress fits) and we couldn't be happier!!
I love 5 day weekends!!

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Becky said...

love your little baby-belly!! you look adorable. lori told me last night that you're 90% sure that it's a boy!!! yay...we'll be shopping in the blue aisle soon!! :)