18 Months and Counting

Doing shoots for return clients is great especially when they have young kids. I get the chance to see them at different stages as they're growing up. I did a shoot for Grant when he turned one last fall and a couple weeks ago, we got together again for his 18-month session. He smiles more, talks more and runs way faster, but it was a lot of fun keeping up with him! I caught my breath (keep in mine that I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and totally out of breath all the time) when he sat down to read a good book. This family is great to work with... so laid back and up for anything I want to try! Love it!

Location: Mpls Sculpture Garden

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Katie said...

Bri, this is so great to see because not only is Grant adorable, I told Chris weeks ago that I wanted to do Hannah's 18-month shoot (in June) at the Sculpture Gardens! So, now I got to see it!! Love it!! You're great! :)