Write Away

Write Away is a great personalized stationery company based right here in Minneapolis. Co-owners and neighbors, Meredith and Sarah, are in the process of updating the company's website and needed some new images of their products. So, over the weekend, I took a bunch of shots and we had a great time together! We're doing some more this weekend and their improved website should be ready to go in no time! Check out their website and maybe you'll just find something you'd like to order! Here are a couple shots.


Anonymous said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Great job, Brianna! They're beautiful photos - and products!

Anonymous said...

I love Write Away! It is the only place I get my paper supplies.

Meredith said...

We were thrilled with your excellent photography! Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and professionalism! We love working with you!