21 Weeks... Repeat!

So, my ticker has been backed up a week or so... I am no longer 23 and some weeks... I am 21 weeks and one day! Ahhh! At my latest appointment, the doctor decided to move my due date back to October 27th. In all honesty, it really isn't too big of a deal. At least this way, if the baby is late, he won't be as overdue as he would've been had my date stayed the 14th. Makes sense to me.

Baby boy Gray (whose first initial starts with the letter T) is growing and kicking and having a grand time. I hope he is anyway. I feel good. The weather is getting warm. This could get interesting.

Another wonderful sculpture gardens shoot to come soon! I'm doing a stationery shoot this weekend... yes, a shoot for paper. It'll be fun!

Ben and Jerry's Phish Food and I have a date on the couch. Goodnight.

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Ashley said...

Are you keeping the baby name a secret? What is going to be his middle name?