Family Vacation: Seattle, WA

My Seattle photos are finally here. Back in March, my mom, dad and my middle sister, L, took a trip out to Seattle to visit my youngest sister, T. Sister L had never been to Seattle before, so we took her all around the city showing her all the coolest places we could find and remember from our trip out last spring. It was absolutely wonderful to visit T, see her dorm room, meet some of her friends and just spend time together. The whole trip kind of reminded me of family vacations when we were lots, lots younger... sharing a bed with L and fighting over who touched whose foot first while we tried to fall asleep, T sleeping on the floor in the hotel room on a bed made of pillows and blankets, dad waking up early to go workout in the hotel gym and returning before any of were awake, and mom creating the shower schedule so we were out the door on time. The list goes on. These photos aren't necessarily anything to be proud of technically, but I guess it is more of a personal post to share the photos with my family. Have fun enjoying our vacation with us!

Upon arrival in WA, we picked up T and went straight to the 5 Spot restaurant in Queen Anne.

L enjoying some pastries at Macrina Bakery in Queen Anne. I think we went here 3 times and the same staff was working every time. They knew us.

T sipping on a vanilla latte at Macrina's. You'll notice a trend. We eat a lot on vacations.

L's first visit to the Public Market. The photo is dark, but I was trying to cross the street at the same time and not get wet, so please, no judgments on this photo...

At the market, L got picked to catch a fish. Her goal for the whole trip was to be a part of this little show the guys put on at the market and it worked out! She caught the fish!

You can't go to the market without drooling over the produce. If I lived in Seattle, it would be hard to not buy your fruits and veggies here fresh every day.


We also visited the very first Starbucks store down by the market. This little band was playing outside and they were impressive. The girl was even tap dancing on that wooden board while playing and singing.

A dreary view of the market, but it was kind of rainy and cloudy that day. Thank goodness for rain boots!

Brighter days ahead! We took a walk around a grassy area known as gasworks where the views of the city are amazing.

Mom and dad on the shore at gasworks. The water homes behind them were incredible and one of them is even the house from "Sleepless in Seattle".

At gasworks, my dad still finds time to mess around.

If you ever find yourself in Seattle, you must go to Thai Tom's restaurant. It's located on the campus of the University of Washington and was the dirtiest restaurant I've ever eaten in. It was also some of the best food I've ever had. We sat at the counter about 3 feet from the hot stove where I assume Tom was creating about 7 dishes at one time. The line was out the door and the restaurant only held about 20 people. We were all stuffed, but agreed we'd go back when we're in Seattle again. And yes, that menu is on a piece of wood. Delicious.

Dad thoroughly enjoying his red curry at Thai Tom. And L being a goof.

Our hotel was pretty close to the space needle, so one night we drove by and took some shots of it. The building on the left is the musical experience museum place.

There is a certain street in Seattle that has two huge retaining walls with bright lights shooting upwards. The lights continuously change colors and there are benches for people to just sit and hang out in this park. We thought we'd take some photos of us in front of the wall. It was hard to kneel down in the rocks to get my camera perfectly ready for this picture and get the timer going, so its a bit lopsided. Oh well. Left to right, we have T, mom, dad, L and myself.

T making her own special shape.

L making her jumping move. Her favorite thing about this picture is you can still see her shoes are pointy :)

And that is the end of the vacation.

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Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Gorgeous photos! I've been thinking Nate and I should make a trip to Seattle sometime instead of just passing through on layovers back and forth to AK.