Crazy Good Things!

If you haven't noticed the ticker at the top of the page, look now! The little chick is my favorite part. Thanks to thebump.com, I was able to post a ticker on here announcing that my husband and I are expecting our very first baby! It's a bit scary and crazy, but we're so excited! So, here's a couple photos from the day I found out to the day we told our families.

First, a photo of the actual test. Trust me... it reads positive, but it was a faint line. We had it confirmed a week later at the doctor's office. I kept it a secret all day from my husband and told him later that night after work by wrapping up a onesie with airplanes on it.

A couple weeks later, we hosted a dinner for my family and my husband's family. It's not unusual for everyone to see each other, so we didn't think they'd have any idea of what we were going to tell them. My husband broke the news right before dinner and everyone jumped up and started screaming! My brother-in-law and his fiance brought a jar of baby food because they were 95% certain that was what the dinner invitation was for. How did they know?? It was a really great night full of hugs and questions. We reenacted the expressions for the camera.
Unfortunately, some of our family lives out of state, but we had to tell them the news that night. So, we logged on to Skype and told my husband's sister and her husband. I managed to snap two photos in that quick moment. One of my mother-in-law holding up the onsie to the webcam and the second of my sister-in-law's reaction.
My youngest sister goes to college in Seattle (yes, those pictures are still coming...) and she was working this night. With the time change, it was hard to connect with her, but my husband and I finally were able to call her late that night. She was on the bus riding back to campus and we asked her if she'd be interested in babysitting for us next Christmas when she's home on break. She said, "What?..... whaaaat???....." and I'm pretty sure she broke into tears. She's been on us about having a baby since our wedding day, so we know she is thrilled! We were sad to not share the exciting moment in person with those couple people, but it was good to just share the news! And that's the story. The number one thing I've been asked so far is "How are you feeling?" and the answer is... Great! I haven't been sick at all and feel very fortunate about that.

More to come in the months ahead...


djp said...

oooh yea!!! Congrats on the little one!! How exciting!!!!

Katie said...

Oh, man, Bri---as I was reading this, I got all teared-up!! How precious! You're families looks super excited and you know this baby is going to be super-loved!! Congrats again!! :)

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Congratulations, Brianna!! I am so utterly happy for you both and for your families! What excitement! I hope you keep on feeling well! I am coming to MN soon, and will have to say Hi if you are ever on Dickey Lake Dr!

:) Jen

Alison Lea Photography said...

i can not tell you how excited i am for you!!!!!


let's get together soon.
hugs from me and B