Pacific Northwest Travels... and my first photo shoot!!

I had the chance to fly out to Seattle Friday through Monday to visit Taylor at school at Seattle Pacific University. Let me just say that Seattle is absolutely gorgeous, but I'm not so sure I could relocate there. The drivers are insane and the roads are even more insane! All that aside, the grass, flowers, hills, houses, bays, float planes and ships/yachts/sailboats were all great sites to see coming from Minnesota in the never-ending winter month of April.

The day before I flew out to Seattle, I had the chance to follow around my friend and wedding photographer, Ali, at an outdoor shoot. We headed over to the Walker Art Center's conservatory and sculpture gardens. It was a gorgeous (one of the few so far) spring afternoon. Ali immediately told me to take out my camera and practice. She critiqued my shots along the way while the girls had wardrobe changes. It was great. I had the BEST time! Now this is the way to learn photography... shooting with a pro! I didn't do any adjustments to the pictures yet.
So, now, first are some pics from the photo shoot and second are some from Seattle!

So, onto photos from Seattle!! Some of these are dark, but I don't have the patience to mess around with them right now...

Pike Place Market... flying fish!

The very first Starbucks!! It looked old and definitely not like your typical neighborhood Starbucks.

Mom and I walked across the street from our hotel to one of the bays where a bunch of old boats were lying around. This one struck me kind of funny... it just looks like it wouldn't last in the ocean!

We headed to a lookout area with great views of downtown Seattle. It was SOOO windy and cold, so Taylor hid behind my dad for a while. Just beyond that high bridge is Taylor's dorm. And just to the left in this picture is downtown.

Our last night in Seattle happened to be pretty clear and it didn't rain, so it was a perfect chance to take a night shot. It was also very cold and windy where we were, so we only lasted about 3 minutes.

Our new fav Queen Anne restaurant, the 5 Spot. Every month or so, they change the theme of the restaurant... food, decor, etc. Right now, its Route 66. Yum! That about wraps up the trip!


Jesi said...

I LOVE the first picture, Bri! Nice one! I also love the market picture and the boat. You rock.

Lanzens Life said...

Seattle looks like so much fun! By the way, you are an AWESOME photographer! I love your pics. Especially the one of downtown at night -- really pretty.

You, your sister and mom all look so much alike! Cute family!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Nealy. That downtown shot of Seattle is breath-taking.

Amanda said...

You are an amazing and talented photographer! Seriously, I really enjoyed looking through your pictures. And you and your family are beautiful! :) You look great, by the way. I haven't seen in so long, it seems!

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Seattle. I was there last year, and I like you, I agree it's BEAUTIFUL but I'd never wanna live there. :)

happylexi said...

I love the photos of the produce, the mugs (the mug shot--haha!), and the night skyline. Wow, Taylor's all grown up now, huh. (such an obvious and stupid thing to say when I haven't even talked to you for years--of course she hasn't stayed the same age...) I've only seen Seattle by the air and at the airport. I'll have to visit sometime, but seeing y'all so cold sure doesn't make me any more inclined to move there!

~Kristi P.