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I'm beginning to understand my camera a little better. I've learned a bit about ISO and a bit more about aperture in recent weeks thanks to the mammarazzi school blog I found (http://www.mamarazzischool.com/)! Love it! She gives great tips and even has "homework" assignments that are actually contests! I have yet to enter anything, but I hope to someday! Anyways, I'm also trying out some retouching effects. Here are a couple pics from recent weeks... wait, I'm not sure the digital enhancements will show up, but oh well. So, here are just some recent shots. (Obviously, I still have no idea what I'm doing).
(It is confirmed that the enhancements did not show up...)
Our beautiful dining room radiator. A new view.

Another new view of our dining room radiator. Bored yet? :) It was really hard to position myself tightly against the wall for this picture.

Our doorway. This is one that I had enhanced, but it didn't work out. I need to buy Photoshop or something and ditch this software that came with the camera. So, this is one I hope to switch to black and white. It looked cool when I did it, but it didn't save. Oh well. You get the idea.

So, here is our stove, which we think is as old as our apartment. Brian told me he liked how the "R" showed up, so that's why I posted this picture.

Another view of our stove. Its quite obvious that I took this picture before we cleaned that weekend... oops!

And an entryway. These are all photos of Highland Village Apts because I want to keep a memory for Brian and I of the first place we lived as a married couple for our kids to look at someday. They'll really think we're old since the apartment looks ancient!!

Well, there are some pictures. I went out taking some more outside today around the place, so maybe I'll post those next. If the weather continues to warm up, the more likely I'll go outside and practice some more! And I think outside pictures would be much more interesting than these boring, inside ones!

I'm continuing to learn...slowly!

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Jesi said...

The last two are my favorites! Way to go Bri!