A few family Christmas photos...

Christmas celebrations!
Here's my husband's family.
From L to R:
Uncle Jim, Aunt Sherry, Brian, myself, brother-in-law Josh, Brian's sister Alison, Brian's brother David, Mom Sharon, Dad John.
Probably not the best choice of backgrounds, but the picture idea was quickly thrown together after gift-opening.

The "kids"!

My sister, Lauren, and my mom in the background, at Grandma June's making krumkake, a Norwegian cookie.

Other sister, Taylor, at Christmas at the Esau house. She was sporting her new hoodie from Brian and I and just being silly.

And here is baby Sam... as I like to call him. My cousin's 9-month old baby at Christmas on my aunt and uncle's turkey farm in SW Minnesota.
So, Merry Christmas... even though its January 13th :)


Anonymous said...

Bri, it's been a while since any updates here!! Josh

Jesi said...

I'd love to see some more of your great pics! :)