Senior: Alex S.

I've never taken senior photos before, but I've always thought it would be a fun type of photography to try. I remember my senior photo session like it was yesterday mainly because the man my mom hired was a bit creepy (she didn't know... not your fault, mom). He tranformed his entire house into a photo studio. It wasn't a hip and cool photo studio you're imagining. He had more backdrops than I ever thought could fit into one person's home. It just had that eery factor. Trust me. Although my parents loved how my photos turned out, my mom did not hire him for my two younger sisters' photos a few years down the road.

Senior photos have come a long way. My aunt hired me to take my cousin's senior photos this year. She's been talking about me taking Alex's photos ever since he was a sophomore in high school. The day finally arrived! I really can't believe Alex is a senior. I remember visiting my aunt in the hospital on the day he was born. Alex is a great kid (yes, you're a kid to me still... sorry) and he has so many wonderful things ahead of him!


aleelavine said...

love the pics, Bri. :) Good work!!! What do you charge for a family session? ;)

brianna gray said...

Hi. Thanks! I charge anywhere between $100 and $150 for portrait shoots like this one. It depends based on number of people, what they want, where I have to go, etc. I price other types of shoots as they're requested. I edit the photos and burn the JPGs to a disc. I don't do any online galleries or printing. I already have one full-time job and can't have another right now doing all the extras with this. Maybe someday!