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My good friend, Beth, tagged me on her blog to answer a couple questions about myself. It's "Cyber Monday" and I'm on the computer anyway Christmas shopping, so I thought I'd do this too! Here we go!

1. Favorite flower: My favorite flower is a pink peony. I wanted peonies for our wedding, but they were all gone by the time July rolled around, so we settled for pink roses and gerbera daises.

2. Favorite color combination: Ooh, good question. I like brown (specifically the paint color "warm caramel")  and light blue mostly because that's how Ty's nursery was done in our old townhouse. But for clothing purposes, give me grey and I'll put anything with it that I can find.

3. Favorite celebrity couple: Do Adam and Christine from "Parenthood" count even though they are a made-up couple? Yes? Then them. I find them relatable.

4. Theme song: I can't think of anything off the top of my head except for this one. A few years ago, I took the class "the mixx" at Lifetime once a week and the instructor played the song "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence at the end of every class. For some reason, that song made us get through the last 5 minutes and work extra hard. So, when I signed up to run my first half marathon earlier this year, I put that song on my iPod to listen to while I ran. I found myself playing it on repeat because its one of the few songs that makes me kick my own butt and stay motivated. Seriously random, but hey, I'll take what works when it comes to staying motivated on a run. I can't even name another song this band sings, so yeah. Kind of weird.

5. Favorite "I had a terrible day" food: Frozen pizza and pop.

6. Favorite lip stick or lip gloss: I am a boring Chapstick kind of girl and hate the feeling of something on my lips (other than Chapstick of course). But I used to be really into Clinique's "air kiss" gloss in high school and MAC's lip glass. I have a pink lip gloss tube in my purse in case I need to look put together for something in an instant :)

7. Favorite magazine: Real Simple or Women's Health

8. Favorite things about fall: I love to wear vests and scarves, so the fall weather helps with that. I also love the colors, crisp air, Honeycrisp apples and taking long walks outside before winter comes. Oh, and I just started to bake more regularly (I was afraid of my KitchenAid mixer) and am loving baking pumpkin bread! Yum.

To keep this going, I tag:

And to end it on an extremely cute note, check out my baby experiencing snow for the first time!


Sophia Makes Three said...

He is SO CUTE!!

aleelavine said...

Tyler is ADORABLE, Bri. What a gorgeous picture, too! Are you going to use that in your Xmas card? :)