The Secrets of a February Thaw

It was a beautiful 40 degrees today when I left work at 4:30 PM. On my drive home from work, I thought what a great day it would be to go out and do some experimenting with my camera. My goal was to use ONLY manual settings... as in ONLY use the M on my DSLR... as in I would HAVE to pick the shutter speed AND the aperture. Guess what? I did it!! I first went to a bridge as a freight train was passing underneath. I played a bit with blur. Then, I noticed this tiny stuffed animal laying on a sheet of ice in the street. I started noticing all this other garbage on the sidewalks and in the street. It was all made visible from the melting snow. So, I shifted to two goals: shoot manual and shoot garbage revealed by the February thaw. It was a fun 30 minutes, but kind of gross and disgusting too.

Oh, and the sunset was gorgeous! Especially the clouds.

I walked back to my front door after about a half hour and noticed this older couple walking along the sidewalk. It was just kind of cute to me. I had been reading online about street photography the other day and how I want to experiment with that sometime this spring too. Maybe that's why I snuck this shot of these two walkers.


Ashley said...

I love the one with the Special Ex can. So trashy--in more ways than one! But I love the composition!

Alison Lea Photography said...

i especially love your excitement! :)
you're awesome!