The enormous lens!!

Although I have no pictures to post (yet), I have to gush about my day! Today, I was an official assistant to a professional photographer, Ali, of Alison Lea Photography. Wow! What a day! Although I have taken pictures at a wedding before (remember Katie and Ben's post?), this was totally different! Between the three of us (Ali, her assistant, Kendra, and myself) we had 6 or 7 camera bodies, a lens for each one, and a couple other lenses we would use throughout the day. We went through 12 memory cards shooting in RAW (we're talking images in the thousands), so they will be great to edit down the road!

The day started at 9 when we met at Ali's house to talk about the day. We met up with the wedding party in downtown Mpls at the church later on and started right away. Family pictures, a ceremony, a stop at the sculpture gardens, and a reception at the Grand Hotel all went by in a flash and I walked in the door to my apartment at 10:45 tonight.

The best part of my day was watching Ali interact with the clients, getting to know them personally, and even helping the bride attach her veil. The other favorite part of my day was Ali letting me use her enormous telephoto lens!!! Okay, this thing made my arms ache it was so heavy!! It was the coolest thing I've ever used and I am starting a savings plan today so I can buy one myself!

Overall, it was a great experience! Ali is a wonderful mentor on top of being a fantastic photographer. I look forward to shooting with her in the future (if she lets me) and learning more and more along the way. All my images were taken on her memory cards, so if I never get to post any of the images here, I'll lead you to her blog where hopefully she'll have pics posted soon.

Seriously... bed time.

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Lanzens Life said...

Okay, so I'm still waiting to see pictures from that fancy wedding! =)