The Wasserman Wedding

A few posts back I mentioned that I would be posting some wedding pics! That weekend finally arrived! My high school friend, Katie, had an 18-month engagement to Ben. Despite many wedding planning bumps in the road (you Minnesotans all heard that news story about the bridal shop closing... yep, Katie's dress was from there, but she somehow managed to get her dress despite the shop closing unexpectedly ONE month before her wedding!), the wedding was wonderful and perfect in every way! The weather couldn't have been better and both bride and groom looked stunning!
Luckily (for my sake), there was only one photographer, so I got to play "second shooter" for the entire day! 400-500 images later, I was exhausted, but pleased! It was SO fun to follow everyone around and just snap away at all the candid opportunities. I even got to use my 4G memory card for the first time (not sure why that excites me so much...)!! The pictures seem to be in reverse order! Oops!
Best wishes to the very happy couple... vacationing in Jamaica... lucky ducks!

A couple of the groomsmen goofing around while the real photographer wasn't looking!
The photographer suddenly forgot something, handed his big camera off to Abbey, one of the bridesmaids, and then ran off for a while. So... what to do, what to do... she turned it on and started snapping! It was hilarious and the photographer will have quite a surprise when he looks at his images! :)

Ben's niece, Eden. She was sooo sweet.

Katie requested this shot, so I gave it my best attempt! Her bouquet is unusually similar to mine :)

Long story, but a funny one. If you know Katie, ask her.

Getting ready...

This event was a blast! Let's see... I've done their engagements and lots of wedding photos... so what is next? Baby?? ;) Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

those are great bri! I love the one of you dad and grandpa :)


Alison Lea Photography said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!
I'm so glad you took so many images!
They really look great, Bri.

Looking forward to chatting photography later this week!!!

djp said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shots of katie and ben! I still think it's neat that you're friends with her and I RA'd with her back in the day! Your shots are amazing!!! thanks for sharing them! (and tell ms. katie I say congrats!)

happylexi said...

Bri--These all look awesome and so professional! I think the one of Katie holding out the bouquet is my favorite, but they all look great!
~Kristi P.